Morita's branded seasonings include mame miso - an Aichi prefecture "artisanal" miso made mostly of soybeans; and their renowned tamari soy sauce. Signature quality and flavor backed by hundreds of years of tradition are jealously guarded flavoring "secrets" of culinary professionals - among them leading chefs of the very best Japanese restaurants around the world.



Brewed and fermented on the Chita Peninsula, Aichi prefecture - virtually in the middle of Japan; folks from this Tokai region (including Nagoya City are renowned for their appreciation of richly flavored foods. Foods that celebrate umami (the fifth flavor - savoriness) have inspired seasonings unique to this region; mame miso and tamari soy sauce, both hallmarks of the food culture here.

  • LOCATION image2Distant view of brewery
  • LOCATION image3The Chita Peninsula is home to a rich variety of seafood.
  • LOCATION image4Oden (a type of winter stew) made from the mame miso that is beloved in the Tokai region.


Morita was founded in 1665 as a sake manufacturer. Its business was expanded in 1708, when it began manufacturing mame miso and tamari soy sauce. Since then, Morita has continued utilizing its traditional manufacturing methods and techniques to create high-quality products.

  • HISTORY image1Tools that have been used for many years.
  • HISTORY image2Sake Brewery in Edo period


Naturally fermented mame miso (soy bean paste)

Morita has maintained its traditional manufacturing methods for over 300 years here in Tokai, Japan - home of mame miso. Mame miso is still manufactured along traditional techniques today… slowly aged in wooden barrels made from Japanese cedar; cared for and in constant service for over 100 years. The results? Simply a rich, deep flavor; a product of ancient disciplines fermented according to Nature's unhurried rhythms,

  • FEATURES image1Rock weights are placed on the miso as it matures.
  • FEATURES image2The wooden barrels have been carefully utilized for more than 100 years.
  • FEATURES image3Mame miso contains a great deal of umami and features a clean, simple flavor.

Tamari soy sauce that is beloved by culinary professionals


Morita's tamari soy sauce is created using carefully practiced (and jealously protected) techniques that have been passed down through generations for over 300 years here in the Tokai region, the fountainhead of tamari soy sauce. Morita's tamari soy sauce exudes umami veiled behind a hypnotically beautiful luster. It is prized by culinary professionals most especially those who prepare traditional Japanese food throughout the Kansai region, most especially in Osaka and Kyoto, the throne of Japan's sophisticated food culture.

Mirin (Sweet Culinary Sake) and ryorishu (Food-Enhancing Cooking Sake) serendipitously "distilled" through sake-brewing techniques


Mirin and ryorishu are essential seasonings in Japanese cuisine. Adding body, fragrance, sweetness, balance while dispelling faulty odors; Morita's breweries utilize their sake production techniques to distill high-quality mirin and ryorishu. Often called the Chef's "secret" these kakushi (hidden) enhancers profoundly improve any dish.