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In 1665, the Morita family began brewing sake on the Chita Peninsula in Aichi Prefecture. Later, miso (fermented soybean paste) and soy sauce were added to the family's product lineup. Over the nearly 350 years since its founding, the Morita family has been engaged in the business of brewery and fermentation-traditional Japanese food production arts.
In April 2013, Morita merged four Japanese food manufacturers from various regions into the group. Soy sauce made on Shodo Island and in other regions, Japanese pickles, and bottled water and tea were added to the company's product lineup.

MORITA'S MISSION: inheriting and developing genuine, traditional Japanese cuisine

The seasonings that provide the fundamental flavors of Japanese cuisine such as soy sauce, miso, and mirin (cooking sweet sake) and the sake that is served as an accent to meals are all fermented foods. These fermented foods are an essential part of Japanese cuisine, which is unique for its subtle yet profound qualities. Morita is the only company in Japan that manufactures many types of traditional fermented foods, including sake, soy sauce, miso, mirin, and pickled vegetables. Each of Morita's products is created using the traditions, techniques, and wisdom that we have cultivated over hundreds of years.

Morita maintains and passes on the traditional manufacturing methods and techniques for fermented foods that sustain the food culture of Japan. In this way, our mission is to convey the wonderful nature of Japanese cuisine to future generations and throughout the world, to further develop Japan's food culture, and to bring health and happiness to people.

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A broad lineup of traditional Japanese foodstuffs

Morita offers genuine, traditional foodstuffs made via traditional manufacturing techniques. We also manufacture blended flavorings made from traditional seasonings including high-quality dipping sauces and dashi (soup stock) and bottled beverages such as tea made from delicious Japanese water.

Guaranteed quality, safety, and delicious flavor

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As a manufacturer of foodstuffs, Morita makes dedicated efforts to ensure consistent quality, safety, and delicious flavor for all of our products spanning from raw material selection to processing, bottling, and shipping. All of our plants have acquired ISO 9001 certification. We have established quality assurance regulations based on international standards, and our foodstuff facilities are registered with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) according to the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and Bioterrorism Act (BTA). Moreover, we work to establish and expand our quality and hygiene management system via initiatives such as the incorporation of Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) management methods. In this way, we deliver safe, high-quality products to our customers.

Fulfilling diverse needs including products for professional use, private-label brands, and raw material provision

Morita offers an ample range of products for professional use. We also manufacture many products for private-label brands and provide raw materials. In this way, we can implement a broad range of measures to meet customer needs.

Akio Morita, the 15th head of the Morita family

Akio MoritaAkio MoritaAkio Morita Library

Akio Morita, who is renowned throughout the world as the founder of Sony, was also the 15th head of the Morita family. The Morita family has long produced many talented businessmen including Akio Morita. This family has an industrious spirit as described by its motto: “Contributing to the world by carrying out business in a sincere fashion.” Akio Morita devotedly followed this precept, and the Morita family's industrious spirit still lives on today at Morita Co., Ltd.