HiPeace is Morita's bottled beverage division's brand. Its products include smooth, delicious natural mineral water, as well as soft drinks and tea beverages made from the finest ingredients and manufacturing methods



The HiPeace brand's plant is located on the Sea of Japan in Echizen-cho in Fukui Prefecture, almost right in the middle of Honshu. In Fukui, humid winds blow in from the Sea of Japan during the winter, causing large amounts of snow to fall in the mountains surrounding the prefecture. This abundant snowfall blesses Fukui with plentiful meltwater and spring thaw. Over time - perhaps years, clear, beautiful water that is ideally suited for consumption gushes forth from beneath the bedrock at many locations in Fukui.

  • LOCATION image2The coast of Sea of Japan
  • LOCATION image3Winter mountain in Fukui
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The plant where HiPeace's products are manufactured was originally a glass factory. A well was dug inside the plant to tap groundwater with which to wash glasses made at the plant. Ironically, folks began talking about the delicious taste of the water that flowed from this well. Moreover, water-quality tests demonstrated that it contained an ideal balance of minerals and was perfect for simply drinking.
The beginning of the HiPeace brand started in 1993, when this remarkable well water was bottled and sold as natural mineral water. Thereafter, it came into increasingly broader use in a range of products including teas and soft drinks. Today, HiPeace is known as a high-quality beverage brand.

HISTORY image1The plant of HiPEACE


Natural mineral water

FEATURES image1The Echizen Mountain Range

HiPeace uses artesian groundwater that comes from the Echizen Mountain Range overshadowing the plant. It is a soft water with a hardness quotient of just 32. Because it contains a small amount of magnesium (delivering an astringent taste), this water is known for its smooth, gentle flavor and pleasant texture. It is perfect with and in Japanese cuisine and for brewing tea or coffee.
In addition to monthly water-quality tests, component analyses are conducted before and after bottling, and qualified inspectors perform sensory evaluations at the HiPeace plant regularly. In this way, water quality and safety are ensured.

FEATURES image5Quality and component of products are analyzed and checked every business day.

High-quality, delicious tea beverages and soft drinks

HiPeace's tea beverages and soft drinks are all made from natural mineral water.
In addition to water, to produce its teas and soft drinks, HiPeace procures tea leaves and other ingredients made via the finest manufacturing methods from choice production locations. We brew tea leaves in large kettles to create teas that taste as though they were brewed individually in teapots. In this way, HiPeace is devoted to the production and delivery of safe, high-quality, and delicious bottled beverages.

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